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Nearly 50 per cent of women cheat because they long to have that ‘butterfly feeling’ again

It seems men and women stray for very different reasons

IF you’ve been cheated then the last thing you want to know is why your partner has strayed.

But a recent study has revealed that men and women have affairs for very different reasons.

VictoriaMilan, A major website for married people to find affairs, asked its members why they decide to look elsewhere.

Unsurprisingly, Passionate intimacy was the top priority for both genders.

But it was far more important to men, with 87 per cent of blokes saying this was the primary reason why they cheated, while only 65 per cent of women said this was behind their infidelity.

For women, the feeling of butterflies again was in second place, with 43 per cent cheating to find this again.

What women seek in an affair

  • Passionate intimacy – 65%
  • The feeling of butterflies again – 43%
  • To explore new desires – 41%
  • Affection – 41%
  • Friendship – 39%

In contrast, it was fifth most important for men – with only 23 per cent giving butterflies as the reason for straying.

For men, the joint second most popular reason to cheat was to explore new desires and friendship, both with 39 per cent of the vote.

For women, exploring new desires was joint third place with affection, with 41 per cent of ladies giving these as their reasons for starting an affair.

What men seek in an affair

  • Passionate intimacy – 87%
  • To explore new desires – 39%
  • Friendship – 39%
  • Affection – 33%
  • The feeling of butterflies again – 23%

In fifth place for women was friendship, with 39 per cent cheating to seek this out.

Isabella Mise said: “It’s not always about finding someone new and running off, potentially destroying the family dynamic.

“We speak to many of our members and they tell us that infidelity has helped save their marriage, by satisfying their natural desires allowing them to return back to the marriage a more complete person.”

 Finding butterflies again was much more important to women than men

Cheating to ‘save a marriage’ seemed to be an underlying theme with the members of Infidelity sites.

And Dr Tammy Nelson, sex and relationship therapist, said: “As paradoxical as this sounds, for some it’s better to cheat than to leave.”

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