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75 Things a Gentleman Does Differently

What is the definition of a gentleman? A man who’s polite and dresses well? A man who knows how to carry himself and how to behave?

Maybe all of the above.

A true gentleman is revealed not only by his manners and his outfit, but through his actions. Here are 75 things a gentleman does differently:

1. A gentleman always challenges himself to do better.

2. A gentleman keeps his mouth shut when it’s time to listen.

3. A gentleman will help you push your car when it breaks down.

4. A gentleman does the right thing when no one is looking.”

5. A gentleman reads about the lives of great men and takes their lessons to heart.

6. A gentleman takes a breath before speaking when he’s upset.

7. A gentleman is comfortable wearing a shiny new tux…with a cocktail in his hand.

8. A gentleman is comfortable wearing jeans and a white t-shirt…with a hammer in his hand.

9. A gentleman may not always agree with others, but he respects their opinions.”

10. A gentleman looks strangers in the eye and says hello.

11. A gentleman knows by touch when his steak is perfectly cooked.

12. A gentleman knows his lady’s favorite drink.

13. A gentleman may be overdressed, but he is never underdressed.”

14. A gentleman recognizes when he’s reached his breaking point, and then goes further.

15. A gentleman lets his significant other monopolize the remote control.

16. A gentleman listens to the advice of older, wiser men.

17. A gentleman treats waiters and bartenders with respect.

18. A gentleman has both a signature scent and a signature drink.”

19. A gentleman recognizes that the more he learns, the more he still doesn’t know.

20. A gentleman can gracefully tolerate his family during the holidays…for at least 72 hours.

21. A gentleman doesn’t mind sitting in the “way back” when the car is full.

22. A gentleman knows how to count back change.

23. A gentleman doesn’t conduct a cost/benefit analysis when deciding how to act—he does the right thing, because it’s the right thing.”

24. A gentleman opens the door for a lady…or a man, if he gets there first.

25. A gentleman knows at least a few Latin root words.

26. A gentleman votes.

27. A gentleman gives back to his community.

28. A gentleman knows a soft-spoken word speaks the loudest.”

29. A gentleman makes shaving a ritual.

30. A gentleman has a hobby he’s passionate about.

31. A gentleman chats up people in line at the DMV or post office to make them smile.

32. A gentleman has a team he can root for even if he doesn’t love sports.

33. A gentleman understands that the term consists of equal parts “gentle” and “man” and doesn’t allow one aspect to supersede the other.”

34. A gentleman flosses.

35. A gentleman knows how to mix a perfect martini.

36. A gentleman breaks in his own leather shoes rather than buying ones with fake distress.

37. A gentleman doesn’t have a cute ringtone.

38. A gentleman excuses himself to have a phone conversation.

39. On matters of style, a gentleman knows which rules to follow and which ones to bend (or break).”

40. A gentleman never shows up at a party empty handed.

41. A gentleman never leaves a party without thanking the host.

42. A gentleman is wicked-good at making s’mores.

43. A gentleman enjoys sleeping out under the stars.

44. A gentleman admits when he’s wrong.

45. A gentleman knows the right thing to do is rarely the easiest thing to do.”

46. A gentleman has real-life heroes he looks up to.

47. A gentleman is not afraid of public transportation.

48. A gentleman jots down random thoughts in a well-worn notebook.

49. A gentleman always looks for ways to improve himself.

50. A gentleman knows how to count to 10, say “please” and “thank you,” and “beer” in any country he visits.

51. A gentleman never puts others down in order to build himself up.”

52. A gentleman walks with purpose.

53. A gentleman skinnydips in cold lakes.

54. A gentleman takes a stance on things he believes in.

55. A gentleman can have a spirited discussion without it turning into an argument.

56. A gentleman knows being average is unacceptable.”

57. A gentleman takes care of things he owns and fixes them when they break.

58. A gentleman realizes that as good as he gets at something there’s always someone better.

59. A gentleman buys a round for his friends at the bar.

60. A gentleman isn’t afraid to take a chance and ask a woman out.

61. A gentleman knows how to make a solid breakfast, even if he can’t ‘cook’.”

62. A gentleman cries at the end of Field of Dreams when Ray and his dad have a catch.

63. A gentleman isn’t embarrassed when his significant other drags him to chick flicks.

64. A gentleman knows the difference between rare and medium rare.

65. A gentleman is vigilant about keeping his environment tidy…along with his body hair.

66. A gentleman lifts up those around him, never keeps them down.”

67. A gentleman makes a mean chili.

68. A gentleman knows how to read a map.

69. A gentleman knows how to order a bottle of wine.

70. A gentlemen recognizes that little “failures” can often put him closer to big successes.

71. A gentleman is a man of character and not of reputation.”

72. A gentleman can be assertive without being a dick.

73. A gentleman keeps his cool even in stressful situations.

74. A gentleman is willing to take the blame, but also shares the credit.

75. A gentleman always leaves everyone better than he found them.”

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